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can we say racism????The condo board is out of control and the management company goes along with it.

I have never seen a re proffesional with so little knowledge of real estate. I understand his daddy gave him the company and Ive heard about the effects of steriods on the brain, but I have never seen the 2 together. What a joke they have residents living with mold, there is no money to pay the bills and residents are $10,000+ behind on assesments, but let a dog urinate outside of the "area" and your now responsible for ruining the quality of life. Now this doesnt apply to all dogs, just the ones with white owners not currectly sleeping with board memebers????

How can our laws be so screwed up that this is allowed in 2008?

Cause it is, there are very few laws that protect condo owners, the boards and management comapnies are basically allowed to harrass you at their will, quite enjoyment as promised in the constitution isnt a right at condo world!Take my advice buy a house!

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